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The #1 Brand Mistake Many Designers Make

The basics of a brand are how do you look, what are you saying and how are you saying it?  It’s all about making a great first impression and delivering on a  beautiful brand promise.

There are 3 elements that make up every successful designer’s brand ~

  • They know how to look good
  • They know how to sound good
  • They know how to deliver on everything they promise
A big mistake some designers make is thinking because they look and sound good, they will be forgiven for bad service, or being late, or cancelling or being forgiven for a budget increase.

Banner Image:  Inspiration @windmilldreams

Inspired by @kinfolk

Protecting Your Brand's Reputation

Make it a part of Your DNA to Over-Deliver

In fact, the very worst thing you can do as a business owner is to let your clients down. If you have made a deadline, or you have been paid to complete a service, it is your obligation as the business owner to deliver on your every promise.


If your brand is only fluff and stuff, meaning you have a beautiful brand, a portfolio packed with gorgeous images, but you can’t deliver on your promises, your rising star will fall as faster than a boulder rolling down a hill.  The very best designers have learned to over-deliver on every one of their brand promises.

I have a colleague that started her business to great success. She understood how to market to her ideal client, was amazingly personable – and grew her company quickly. I have to admit I was a tad envious at her seemingly exponential growth.

And then …. coincidently, her agency and our agency was hired to do complementary work for 2 different clients.  I was so impressed with how she wooed our clients. I was excited to work with her team and actually hoped I would learn a thing or two.


Sadly she and her team kept failing and under-delivering. I tried to help her at first by making excuses and covering up for her, but her poor workmanship was starting to affect how our clients saw my team’s work. Eventually, on both accounts, her team was fired and our team completed the projects as we promised, on time and on budget.


My colleague’s reputation for under delivering quickly started to affect her brand’s reputation.  She struggles to this day because but I think it is in her DNA to over-sell and under-deliver.  I expect she will be out of business in a couple years.


Moral of the story – always back up your brand promise by over delivering on your products and services.  A pretty brand is worthless without a solid delivery.

ps. I’m an absolute fan-girl of the incredibly talented ladies @ _frankarchitecture

Inspired by @_frankarchitecture


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