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Ensuring Your Technology and IT People Are Running Smoothly

Technical Support and Management

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Do you have your own server but no one to help maintain it?  Are your computers in need of major updates or even to be replaced?  Are constantly getting ask how to fix something on a computer? Or maybe you need help with your IT department?   We at Oliver & Spence can help you with any of your technical related needs.


We have been working closely with many clients for 15+ years helping them resolve these kind of issues and other technology related problems. We have worked on provisioning servers, updating/installing/configuring software, working with teams to help them better manager their technology, putting new processes in place and much more.


We understand that not all technology issues are treated equal, nor are clients’ budgets.  With our many years of experience troubleshooting and fixing technical issues, rest assured we can make a difference in technology stack and people, and we offer many options to meet your particular needs.

Managing Your Technology

Technical Support

Sometimes you just need to have the peace of mind that your computers are running properly and are secured.  Sometimes you need more support with other devices used in your business.  Therefore, we offer three technical supports options:


Basic Support – Designed for business that need desktop support.  We will come once a month to ensure your computers are updated with all the relevant software and security updates.  Giving you peace of mind that your computers are running properly and protected.


Standard Support – More for the business that requires the Basic plus additional device support. Every month we will come in and along with the Basics, we will also apply updates to your tablets and phones (iPhone and Android).  We will also install additional security software if needed on all devices.


Premium Support – This covers all your technical needs. In addition to our Standard work we will also review and update your website software, printers, wifi, etc.  We essentially are your IT department.  We can be onsite as much as you need and we will work with you to determine the optimal time.


PLEASE NOTE: ALL support options must be for a minimum of 6 month contract.

Building Your Team

Team Management

Our team has been coaching and managing teams for 12+ years in all aspects of technology from development centres of excellence, to one on one coaching, to managing technical teams of up to 20+ people, and much more.

We will come in and evaluate your current technology, your support team, and your policy and practices.  From this we will be able to determine where your team is excelling and where they need improvement.

We offer two management options:


IT Advisor – In this role we evaluate and put into place tools and methodologies to help your team excel and keep your IT department running smoothly.  We would be integrated within your team to implement the necessary changes.  To be most effective, this role requires a minimum of 24 hours per week of onsite work.


IT Manager – In this role we go beyond the Advisor role fully manage and run your IT department.  We design and develop workflow processes to make the department more efficient.  We work with individuals to help them improve their skills so they can be better at their jobs.  We evaluate hardware and software in place, and look for potential areas of improvement and/or cost savings. We ensure your IT department is ready to service your business technical needs.  This role requires a full time position with a minimum of 37.5 hours per week of onsite and occasionally remote work.


PLEASE NOTE: Both management options must be for a minimum of one year contract.

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