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Do you struggle developing a marketing plan for your business? Does the idea of creating a marketing strategy seem overwhelming? Are you just kinda winging it and finding less than stellar results in your business?


In this 3nd crucial step, get exclusive access to work one-on-one with our Creative Director Kim Wallace learning her industry secrets while together creating your compelling Marketing Plan. 

Think of Kim as your personal Creative Director
. She will guide you through the Oliver Spence Marketing Planner Program. Together you will build a Marketing Plan and Strategy that will launch your brand into the stratosphere, helping you learn how to cultivate brand fans, followers, drive traffic to your website and grow sales!

Below outlines what you can expect to accomplish when building your 90 Day Marketing Plan with Kim. We’ve broken down the process into 3 easy to follow phases.

Your Marketing Planner is developed online behind a private login so you will be able to revisit your marketing plan at any time.  In this first phase you and Kim will:

  • Learn How to Talk About Your Business
  • Decide What You Want To Promote
  • Learn How to Reach Your Perfect Client
  • Get to Know Your Competitors in the Market
  • Learn How to Bundle Your Products to Sell
  • Create a List of Promotional Ideas

In this phase it’s all about your headlines and marketing copy for social media. This is the most important part of attracting your target customer to your website or promotion. Kim will guide you to:

  • Create ideas for your products or services headlines
  • Learn techniques used in creating captivating headlines
  • Understand how to reach your target customer with your headlines
  • Learn how to find and use the best keywords for your headlines
  • Learn how to mix up your marketing copy with inspirational, motivational or product showcases

In this phase Kim will help you define your marketing goals, objectives and plan for the next 90 days. Next you will learn how to create your social visual brand design. Lastly, Kim will teach you her simple yet effective posting calendar system, designed for maximum success.

  • Decide together the marketing goals you want to achieve in the next 3 months
  • Create ideas to achieve your marketing goals
  • Decide which social platforms you will use to achieve your marketing goals
  • Define what success looks like based on your goals
  • Learn how to track your success and understand your marketing ROI
  • Learn how to create your Social Visual Design. (if you don’t know how to use a photo editor, we recommend taking our guided with Kim Canva Course)
  • Learn how to create a 9 Grid Image Collage to understand what works and doesn’t work for your social visual design
  • Learn how to use Kim’s simple yet effective Social Posting Calendar System 

Work with Kim one-on-one via Video Conferencing, where together you work to complete your Oliver & Spence 3-Month Marketing Planner and your Social Posting Schedule.  Clients often ask about the timeline to complete the marketing plan and our answer is simple – it all depends on you and the pace in which you want to work. Once you become a marketing client, Kim will make working with you a priority each month, for however many months you need. Once your Marketing Plan is complete, you will still have access to book Kim for check-ins, idea generation or to build another 3-Month Marketing Program.

Hire Kim to be your Creative Director to Mentor, Guide and Advise While you Create your Compelling Marketing Plan:

Creative Director Booking Fee Options:

1)  Marketing Strategy = $499  (2 x 1 hour  sessions)

2)  Learn To Build a Marketing Plan = $299 / Session (2 Hrs)

Existing Oliver & Spence clients receive 10% off your First Marketing Plan

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