REBRANDING – 3 Reason to Refresh Your Brand in a Bad Economy

Often when we’re hunkered down in a bad economy the last thing we want to do is spend money

However, rebranding is probably one of the best things you can do to breath new life and vitality in your business when things feel stale and stagnant.
3 Reasons to Re-Brand
Brand Awareness
1) 90% of B2B marketers think that BRAND AWARENESS is the most important goal before sales and lead generation. Makes sense. If people don’t know who you are, why would they buy from you? You can’t afford to not be seen
Business Growth
2) 77% of all market leaders say Branding is critical to business growth. If your brand or website is stale and outdated, you are going to be left out of the equation.
Don’t Give Your Business to Your Competition!
3) And 5 to 7 Brand Impressions are needed BEFORE you have created a BRAND IMPRESSION. Potential customers sometimes need to see your gorgeous brand 5-7 times before they will even check you out.
Lastly little bee: 80% of customers are more likely to engage with the brands they follow on their favourite social channels.
Let’s say you haven’t rebranded in 5 or so years. Your website is dated, you are doing minimal on Social Media. Yet your competition has a gorgeous brand and website that sells their message. They’re active on Social Media and engaged with their audience. If there is business to be had in your sector, where do you think it’s going?
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