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Our Standard Plan gives your website the necessary added features for security and optimization.  Your website is professional managed and maintained on a regularly scheduled basis.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan Features include:
  • SSL certificate
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 3 Business emails accounts
  • 1 Domain alias account
  • Monthly website backups
  • Website image optimization
  • Website performance optimization
  • Website security
  • Google Analytics
  • 24 hour issue response
  • Complete website updates based on plan selected:
    • S12 – monthly updates
    • S4 – quarterly updates
    • S2 – semi updates

Terms and Conditions

Website Management and Maintenance Plans Terms & Conditions

  • While your website is hosted on an Oliver & Spence server, the Oliver & Spence WP Admin must manage the website software to ensure it meets the Oliver & Spence standards.  As such, Oliver & Spence no longer offer self managed plans.
  • With all Plans, Oliver & Spence WP Admin will install a number of “premium” plugins that are licensed by Oliver & Spence and are used to  secure and optimize your website.  These plugins are only valid for as long as your website remains hosted on an Oliver & Spence server.
  • Oliver & Spence WP Admin will ensure all the website software including WordPress, themes*, all plugins** are updated to the latest versions on a set schedule based on your plan term selected.
  • Oliver & Spence WP Admin may be required to make an emergency software update and there will be no additional charges to you.
  • Plans DO NOT include the cost of “specialty” licensed plugins required for your website.  Oliver & Spence will invoice you for these specialty license fees at the renewal date.
  • Plans DO NOT include any updates to content of your website including images, text, blogs, and any formatting.  All of this work is charged at our Development Studio rate of $125/hr.
  • If your plan payments are more than 60 days in arrears, your website will be suspended until payments is made in full.

You may cancel your plan at any time with 30 days written notice of a pending transfer of your website to another server.

  • If you are on a monthly payment plan, no refund will be issued for any of the remaining term.
  • If you plan is an annual payment, we will refund the full months remaining less a 3-month fee for terminating the plan before the renewal date.
  • Upon cancellation notice, Oliver & Spence will:
    • No longer perform any updates to the website software.
    • Remove any “premium” plugins installed that are owned and licensed by Oliver & Spence.
  • Your website will be suspended 30 days after cancellation notice has been received, or upon the completion of the website transfer to another server.


*Older website themes may no longer be maintain by the developer or simply not compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and as such are not able to be updated.

**Some specialty plugins offer only 1 year of free updates and after that time require a licence, while others require a license to install.  When a specialty plugin is up for renewal,  you have the option of purchasing a new license, or leave the plugin as-is.  If left alone, the plugin usually continues to function normally.  However, over time the out-dated plugin may start to create a conflict in the software that crashes your website.  If this occurs, Oliver & Spence is not responsible to fix your website without charging a work fee, including a new license fee for the out-dated plugin.

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