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Do you need a stunning new WEBSITE, Website Make-Over, or ONLINE STORE?

Using our innovative MODULAR WEBSITES system, work with our Award Winning Creative Team to CREATE an incredible website for your business – easily and affordably.  Your options are endless!  Add an online store, portfolio, or blog … anything you need to drive sales to your new website
Unsure about costs? Check out our Online Website Estimation Calculator at the bottom of this page.
Let's Begin

(1) Choose the Type of Website You Need

To begin choose the website modules you need for your website, at the bottom is our Request Form, with our Website Budget Estimator.  Once we get your request, we will book a meeting where we will do an Website Audit, discuss your brand and create timeline for completion of your new website. 

Website Starter Kit $1998

1) Brand Design Consultation + Website Audit: includes Fonts, Colors, Image Styles
2) Landing Page: (Homepage) layout of text, images, buttons
3) About or Service Page: layout of text, images, buttons
4) Contact Page: layout of text, images, buttons + email form
5) Base Footer includes contact info and social media icons
6) Basic SEO Set Up: standards per webpage
7) Add Your Domain Name: to Website (domain’s can be purchased on your behalf)
8) Set up Google Analytics
9) Submit to Google for Search Purposes
10) 1 round of Edits per Page 
** Please note: all website text or copy must be supplied. Copywriting for your website text is available if needed.

Website + Online Store $2998

Our team will create a website that includes an online store. After your website is setup, our expert ecommerce team will set up your store, so you are able to sell products as soon as your website goes live.
1) The Website Starter Kit
2) Shop Page Layout
3) Product Page Layout
4) Shopping Cart Page Layout
5) Check Out Page Layout
6) Taxes Set Up
7) Basic Shipping Set Up
8) Single Currency Set Up
9) Payment Gateway Setup (accept Visa, MC, Amex)
10) ADD 5 of your products

Add a Store to Your Website $1298

We’ll add an Online Store to your existing website.
All of our Online Stores are built using WordPress Website Software – the most comprehensive website software available. Our expert ecommerce team will set up your Online Store so it functions perfectly.
1) Shop Page Layout
2) Product Page Layout
3) Shopping Cart Page Layout
4) Check Out Page Layout
5) Taxes Set Up
6) Basic Shipping Set Up
7) Single Currency Set Up
8) Payment Gateway Setup (accept Visa, MC, Amex)
9) ADD 5 of your products
+ Single Product, Product Price Bundles, Add Currencies, Shipping Details

(2) Add a Store to Your Website

Do you need an Online Store, a Store added to your current Website, or want us to add products to your website? Do you want help with the shipping details on your website? Maybe you want people from other countries to buy from your online store? Whatever your store needs are, we have you covered.

Add a Store to Your Website $1298

Creating an Online Store can be very complicated if you are not familiar with e-commerce. Our expert team will do all the set up work so you are able to sell products or services from your website. We are able to add an Online Store for any website – however, we ONLY use WordPress Website Software for our Online Stores.


1) Shop Page Layout
2) Product Page Layout
3) Shopping Cart Page Layout
4) Check Out Page Layout
5) Taxes Set Up
6) Basic Shipping Set Up
7) Single Currency Set Up
8) Payment Gateway Setup (accept Visa, MC, Amex)
9) ADD 5 of your products

Add Products (Price Bundles)

Our team will add as many products as you need for your store. To make it easy,  we offer 3 Product Bundles
1) SMALL Bundle = 5 Products / $228
2) MEDIUM Bundle = 10 Products / $428
3) LARGE Bundle = 25 Products / $998

Each product we add includes title, price, variations, descriptions, feature images and thumbnail images.

Add Extra Product (s) $98

Our team will add as many products as you require to your store, simply order as many products as you need.  If you need a large number of products, consider our Product Bundles options.
Each product includes title, price, variations, descriptions, feature images and thumbnail images

Add Multiple Currencies

Do you sell products in different countries?  Do want to have your clients pay for product in their home currency?  Adding Multi-Currency to your store will give the ability to accept other currencies along with to your home (default) currency.  Your store can automatically detect the location of the client and show products in their currency by default, if one is set for it.  The price of your products automatically adjust the price in real-time, or you can set a fixed exchange rate.
Add Enhance Shipping to Your Website

Add Enhanced Shipping

Basic Shipping that comes with your store allows for 3 modes for shipping: free, flat rate ($ or %) on an order, or local pick-up.  With Enhanced Shipping, your shipping rate can be based on weight, size, quantity or price, or a combination.  Rates can be assigned to specific products or categories of products.  It gives you much more flexibility setting up shipping with options like “free shipping on minimum orders” or showing a shipping calculator.

Add Group Pricing

Do you want to give your customers better prices when they order more?  Or special price when they buy a combination of products?  The Group Pricing modules gives your the ability to build group or tier pricing modules.  Along with buy X and get price Y, you can also have buy X and buy Y together and get a discount.  This module is a must if you sell multiples of a product or product packages.
Extra Websites Modules Needed On Your Website

(3) Add Blog, Portfolio, Extra Webpages

If you need extra webpages, or you want to start blogging, or you need a beautiful portfolio, have events or workshops you want to promote, simply add any or all of these modules to your website. We will discuss the details of the website modules you have chosen in our first meeting.

+ Extra Webpages $298 /ea

If you require additional webpages beyond what’s included in your Website Starter Kit, simply order as many as you require. Each webpage includes design layout, buttons and other design elements needed for the webpage.  The cost of each additional webpage starts at $298 and will vary based on amount of content.

+ Blog w/ 3 Posts $398

Have you always wanted to blog but the idea of setting up a blog is overwhelming? Our team will set up your blog with categories, side-bar, along with 3 blog  posts.
–  Blog Page Layout
3 Individual Blog Posts that includes layout, text & images
Sidebar that includes contact info, social media feed + shop categories

+ Portfolio w/ 3 Galleries $398

Add a Gallery or Portfolio to showcase your work – The Gallery included in our Your Website Starter Kit includes
Main Gallery / Portfolio Page Layout
3 Indvidual Galleries / Portfolio includes title & descritiption per gallery
15 or less Images – cropped and prepped for each Gallery

+ A Section to a Webpage $148

Sometime clients decide they want to add more information to an existing webpage. Maybe it’s a new service or new information. Easily add addtional information or images to an exisiting webpage. Each new section includes design layout, buttons and other design elements needed for the new section. The cost of each additional section $148.

+ Extra Blog Posts $148

Often clients don’t have the time to add their blogs to their website. Our team will add an additional blog post with text, images and call to action.

+ Extra Galleries $148

Often clients have more galleries or portfolios they want to add to their website. They usually don’t have the time or knowledge to add the portfolios themselves.
If you require additional galleries or portfolios added to your website, our team will add each gallery for you.
Each portfolio / gallery includes a title, description and up to 15 images, cropped and prepped for your website
+ Events, Paid Events, Paid Subscribers

( 4) Add a Calendar to Your Website

Have you always wanted to create event, sell tickets or sell memberships on your website?  Now you can by simply adding any of the below modules.  (btw: selling tickets, or membership requires adding the Online Store module if you don’t have it already).

+ Event Calendar to Website $398

Often clients have Events they are hosting. Having an Event Calendar is important tool if you plan on hosting events. Add Events and an Event Calendar to Your Website Starter Kit so you can easily sell workshop, open houses, fashion event etc. This includes:
Event Calendar Page Layout
Individual Event Layout Design
3 or less Individual Events including text, provided images, buttons
Guest List / RSVP
– Member Areas

Add Paid Events $198

You may want to charge for a specific event you are hosting you can easily add tickets and payment options for your events.  You must purchase our “Online Store Kit” for this Addon feature. 
Add Ticket Information
Add Ecommerce – accept visa/mc/amex
Sync with external Calendar
Auto Reminder
Membership Area

Add Paid Members $498

Membership Plans allow you to sell membership or subscription packages with either a one-time fee or recurring fees. Our team will set up your Membership Page. ** You must purchase our “Online Store Kit” for this Addon feature. 
The Membership Plan includes:
– Adding 3 Pricing Plan Packages to your website
– Creating a Pricing Plan & Packages webpage with description
Each plan package includes:
– Plan Name
– Plan Price
– Frequency – one-time, weekly, monthly, or annually
– You can also set a “free trial” time
Please Note: this option requires that the customer already has an account, and if not they will be prompt to add one. They can use Facbook and Google logins, as well as create their own.
+ Branding, Social, Website Promotions, Email Marketing

(5) Brand Style, Social Media + Marketing

If you have an Online Store, one of the most important marketing opportunities is to develop a subscriber base.  Sending a promotion via email to your loyal customers with your flash sales, promotions or coupons is one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with your customer. Getting the word out – send your promo to your subscribers or stock your social with fabulous posts with your discounts, sales or coupons.
What ever your marketing needs are we have you covered.  Take a look the options below to learn more about what we offer.

Brand Style Guide $798

Many clients need guidance or a standard for their brand. We build the visual story that will be used across all other aspects of your brand, as well as other areas of your business.
Your Brand Style Guide Includes:
Brand / Website Discovery Interview
Color Palette
Mood Inspiration Image Collage
Fonts Styles
Digital Style Guide
Font File Package
10-15 Stock Images used for Branding Purpose

Create Sales Promotion $398

Do you have a new sale, a product you want to promote, a lead-capture download?
Our marketing team will design and add your promotion to your Homepage Layout as well as Pop-up Call-to-Action to offer visitors incentives with coupons or special deals to help promote your business. The pop-up will collect email addresses to add to your subscriber base.

Social Media Marketing $1698

Creating content that sells and promotes your brand effectively on Social Media is one of the hardest aspects of using Social Media Platforms. Kim, our Creative Director will design stunning social media content that sells your brand. We offer to options.
Option 1 – does not include posting
– Meet with you to discuss the products or services you want to promote
– Write copy for 3 posts a week that promotes or sells your copy
Source / prep images for each post
– Creating a hashtag bank
– Increase your followers with engagement
PRICE / MONTH $1698 | min. 3 month contract
Option 2) Includes posting to your Social Media Pages
– Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
PRICE / MONTH $2698 | min. 3 month contract

Email Marketing Setup $398

Email Marketing is a must for many online store owners. The fastest and easiest way to get eyes on your latest product, feature sales, new coupons is to sent out an epromo to your subscriber list.
– Setup Mailchimp Account (if you do not have one)
– Connecting Your Website to Your Mailchimp Account
– Add Lead Captures to your webpages
– Adding Lead Capture form to footer if you have a

Email Marketing Template $498

Our team will set up a Branded Email Marketing Promotional Template so you can easily send email promotions to your subscribers every week or month. Keep your subscribers up to date with the latest promotions or events happening in your business. Your email template comes with a coordinating pop-up for your website
– Create Branded Email Marketing Template
– Create Branded Pop-Up to Capture Email Subscribers
– Create Thank You Page with Download, Coupon or Additional Text

Create Email Promotion $298

Many online store owners or business owners do not have the time or expertise to design and send out a marketing promotion to their subscribers. Our team will design and send out your email marketing promotion on your behalf.
– Create Email Marketing Piece includes supplie content, buttons, images and promotion such as coupon, discount or new announcement
– Send out to your subscribers
– Send Report of Opens / Engagement
Let's Build Your Website

Website Estimation Calculator

To use our Website Estimation Calculator simply CLICK ON the items you want in your website.  At the bottom of the form is a real time display of the costs.  (Some items require you to enter a quantity in order to determine the cost.)
Once you have completed CHOOSING THE ITEMS for your website, complete the form below and submit your request.  We will respond within 24 hours to arrange a brief call with you to discuss your needs. Once we have all of your details we will create your development schedule.
You can expect to have your stunning new website or online store up and running within 4 weeks. If you provide your information quickly, you can have your website ready in as little as 2 weeks.