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Brand Development Services

Our Work Together

We begin by learning about you, your business goals and your business needs to create a brand that is the better than your best competitors.  To accomplish that, we use a 4 part development process when we are developing your branding identity design, graphic design, website design and social media marketing. 
The Discovery Phase: Learning about you and your business needs
The Design Phase: Crafting the look & feel for your brand identity
The Development Phase: Developing your content and website
The Delivery Phase: Launching and marketing your new brand

Oliver Spence Creative Website Development Process


Brand Development

In the Brand Design phase we build the visual story that will be used across all other aspects of your brand, as well as other areas of your business.

A brand identity is the “ face of your business ”

Oliver Spence Creative Brand Services Identity Design

Brand Discovery

1. Brand Discovery Interview
2. Competitive Analysis
3. Demographic Profiles
4. Design and Keyword Analysis

Brand Identity Design

1. 3 Color Palettes, Mood Inspiration Boards, Fonts Styles
2. 3 Logo Design Concept
3. Digital Style Guide Includes:
4. Colour Palettes and Mood Boards
a) Logo and Font Package
b) 10-15  Stock Images used for Branding Purpose


Content Creation

In the Content Development phase we create the narrative that will convey your business messages.  This will include headlines, taglines, highlights, general copy, and images for each an every section on each web page. This information is then used to create each webpage on your website.

Oliver Spence Creative Content Development


Oliver Spence Creative Website Design

With your brand style chosen, your content strategy developed, we begin to design your website. This is the most critical part of brand because you only get one chance to make a first impression.
We create 2 unique branded homepage concepts, then with your selected design, our development team takes the concept, adds your brand elements, your crafted copy then custom develop your website.
Oliver Spence Creative Website Design

Oliver Spence Creative Brand Services Social Marketing


Oliver Spence Creative Social Media Marketing

After your considerable investment in developing your brand strategy, brand identity, content strategy, website design and development, it’s imperative to develop a plan that launches your brand into the marketplace by using today’s most powerful marketing tool –  social media.

Social Media Marketing

1. Provide an 8 week Content Outline
2. Provide a visual guide for your social media platform of choice
3. Provide 8 weeks of compelling headlines that ties to your Content Outline
4. Provide 1/2 day workshop to teach insider tips and techniques

Launch Strategy

1. 3 One hour meetings with Kim to create your Launch Strategy
2.  Develop your Marketing Guide together
3.  Create an 8 Week Launch Plan based on Marketing Guide

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