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Top 5 Secrets to Create a Compelling Brand for Interior Designers

Your brand and website is the first impression of a new interior design client
They may come to you as a referral or by some other outstanding reference, but if your brand and website are dated, they are going to assume you may not be as good as people say you are. You have 6 seconds to make a good impression. That is not a lot of time!
1) Look Good – the best design is a clean simple aesthetic that is current and updated

As a brand designer, I always advise my clients to try to keep their brand, color palette and website classic and simple. Re-branding is time-consuming and expensive, so you want it to last.


As an Interior Designer, there is an assumption that your branding is going to follow a clean simplistic aesthetic because your portfolio of images will tell the story of your brand. With the advent of lifestyle bloggers, the design aesthetic can sometimes follow certain lifestyle trends but my advice to most designers is to keep their brand style clean and classic. Nothing is worse than an interior designer who produces outstanding work, but whose brand is dated.
2) Figure out your people. Find your niche and your sweet spot price point
The next best advice I give to Interior Designers is to know your core demographic and the price point they are comfortable playing in. When you do that, there are little to no surprises. They will understand the value you are providing to them. Each level of pricing is based on the client who is willing to pay for it. You absolutely need to understand who your client is, and then provide services that are packaged to create value for them.
3) Feel Good – give them lots of examples to see
The most critical brand element for you is your portfolio of work. It is what your ideal client will love about you. There are 3 main areas you need to address to show off your best asset.
# 1 – Your website and website technology HAS to be spot on. If your work shows terrible online, you will turn off most potential customers.
# 2 – UPDATE your portfolio of work. Invest in a relationship with a photographer. It will pay off ten-fold with new work
# 3 – Ask for testimonials from your clients. Testimonials matched up to portfolio projects is like have a gold star.
# 4 – Make friends with Pinterest & Instagram. Play in those sandboxes as often as possible because that is where your clients go looking for inspiration. You want your work to be seen as often as possible in those inspirational spaces.
4) Sound Good – give them information that they want to hear that will help solve their problems.
With the advent of Social Media, people are most comfortable with a tone that is personable and engaging. They want to know you can relate to them and understand who they are. We often advise our clients to first state the problem a client is experiencing, then provide a solution for them.
The winning formula: Relatable Problem + Solution = Warmth and Engaging to Potential Client


 5) Make it easy for them to choose you!
Stand out from your competition some way, somehow. Being creative in a creative world, we often feel that we offer similar services and products. However, each of us has a unique way of being and designing.
The most useful way to offer a brand differentiator is to package your services uniquely. Think about what problems your clients experience and then think about a bundle or package that makes it easy for them to choose you over your best competition. Make it easy to say for them to say YES!
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