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Have you been struggling to gain traction in your business? Are you exhausted by trying to do everything and only getting dismal results? Do you have a new business and want a unique Brand Design that you love?

When our clients come to us they are tired of their brands being bland, boring or worse not representing the vision of their company. We know beautiful brands, that are well marketed, get all the attention.

Our clients love our success-driven 4 STEP BRAND BUILDING PROGRAM. We custom design your Brand, Website, Marketing Plan and Social Media Strategy.  This 4-STEP custom approach sets our client’s up for success like no other program.

We take our client’s bland, out-dated or bad brands and give them a stunning make-over. We provide the tools to launch our client’s brands into greatness. Learn how we can transform your brand from BLAND to BRILLIANT.


To create a KNOCK-OUT BRAND, a custom-designed brand foundation is a must. Without a great foundation, businesses suffer from brand confusion and muddled messaging.


In this first step, we design the visual story, your color palette, your logo and the style of your brand. Your visual story will be translated into every other area of your business – from your website to social media, to your marketing strategy.


Did you know that it can take 6 times for your perfect customer to see your brand before they buy from you? Ensuring your brand design is on point is the first crucial step in grabbing the attention of your ideal customers.

Step 1
Your Brand Foundation Includes
A Brand Report
  • Brand Discovery Interview
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Design Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Tagline Generation – if required
A Brand Style Guide
  • 3 Color Palettes
  • 3 Mood Inspiration Boards
  • 3 logo Designs or Logo Renovations
  • 3 Font Styles
  • Digital Style Guide Includes:
    • Print Ready Logo
    • Web Ready Logo
    • Logo for Email Signature
    • Font Files
    • 10- 15  Stock Images used for Branding Purposes

Do you want a website that is fabulously designed, easy to navigate, is mobile responsive, and so compelling that it easily sells your products and services?


Our interactive team works with you to understand exactly what you need your website to do for your business. Our website development team has been designing and developing websites for over 15 years. Your website will not only look stunning, it will also be high functioning.


We offer video tutorials so you can edit your website at any time. Giving you the flexibility to update your website whenever you need.

Step 2
Your Custom Website Design & Development Includes
A Website Development Report
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Website Content Map Development
  • Development Calendar
  • Search / Keyword Analysis
  • User Interface Design + Analysis
A Custom Website Design + Developed
  • 2 Custom Website Designs to Choose From
  • Standard Brochure Website Development Include
    • Homepage
    • Services or About Page
    • Blog – with 3 Blog Postings
    • Contact Page with Form / Map
    • 1 Integrated Social Media Feed
    • Subscriber List Hook-up to Mailchimp
    • Content Add-ons Available
  • Content Supplied by Client / Styled by O&S
  • Mobile Responsive Web Design
  • SEO Principals Applied
  • Google Analytics – Site Submission to Google
  • Quality Assurance + Testing
  • 1 yr Website Maintenance + Management

Do you struggle to find the time to develop a marketing plan for your business? Does the idea of creating a marketing strategy seem overwhelming? Are you just kinda winging it and finding less than stellar results in your business?


Accomplished businesses owners see their Marketing Plans as their Strategy for Success.


In this 3rd crucial step, we develop your online Marketing Pieces, supply a custom designed Stationery Package and provide a Customized 90-Day Marketing Plan for your business. Our creative team develops a complete marketing strategy for your business that will launch your shiny new brand into the stratosphere, helping you to cultivate brand fans, followers, drive traffic to your website and grow sales!

Step 3
Your 90-Day Marketing to Success Plan Includes:
A 90 Day Marketing Success Report
  • Marketing Discovery Interview
  • Develop Goals for First 90 Days
  • Research Competitors
  • Research Events
  • Research Online Opportunities
  • Creating a Marketing Map to Achieve the 90 Day Goals
  • Create Marketing Calendar
  • Co-ordinate the Social Media Strategy with the Marketing Calendar to align goals
The Marketing Development Pieces
  • Website Sales Funnel Designed + Developed
    • Downloadable Call-To-Action for Pop-up
    • Thank-You Page
    • 3 Follow Up  Call-to-Action Emails via MailChimp
    • Tracking Code added for Analytics
  • 3 Blogs Automated to be sent out via MailChimp
  • 90-Day Blog Strategy
  • E-newsletter Template based on Blog Strategy
  • Stationery Set
    • 50 Business Cards
    • 20 Thank-You Cards
    • 20 Blank Branded Cards
    • 20 Branded Notepads
    • 20 Branded Stickies
    • G-Suite Letterhead
  • 90-Day Marketing / Blog / Social Media Calendar in G-Suite

Do you struggle to create a cohesive brand look? Do you want more followers and engagement? Are you tired of wasting time and getting little or no results with your Social Media?


Clients often need support designing and developing content for their social media. We understand that because it can be overwhelming if you’re not in the business of creating gorgeous social media content.


In this 4th step, we will first create the gorgeous content and strategy, then show you how to carry on to achieve Social Media Superstardom. We provide a customized Instagram 9-Grid Branded Template, 1 month of custom designed posts, a PSD file for future postings. a customized brand style guide and a content calendar that is coordinated with your 90-day Marketing Plan. 


Your Social Media 90-day Branded Strategy is designed to increase engagement, gain followers, drive business to your website, show off your shiny new brand and most importantly, increase sales!

Step 4
Your Social Media Branded Strategy
The 90 Day Social Media Plan + Calendar
  • Social Media Alignment with Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Goals for First 90 days
  • Research Competitors
  • Develop Hashtag Bank
  • Co-ordinate Events, Blogs, Launch Strategy
  • Creating a Social Media Map to Achieve the 90 Day Goals
  • Create 90 Day Social Media Posting Guide Calendar
Your Social Media Templates, Posts, Images
  • Social Media Staging, Intro’s and Icons
  • Custom Design Instagram Brand
  • 1 Month of Images for Instagram
  • 1 Month of Posts coordinated with Your Marketing Plan
  • List of Compelling Headlines to use for Posting + Blogging
  • PSD File with Grid Designs for Future Postings
  • Video Tutorial on How to use PSD + Posting
  • 1 Hour Tutorial on Learning Best Practices for Posting on Social Media
  • Instagram Guide on How to Grow Your Business in 2018
  • *if another Social Media Channel is preferred, we provide the same content package
  • $ $ 4,499
    --- for 2 payments ---
  • This package is perfect for the business owner who is craving a Brand Re-Vitalization but is expertly managing their Marketing and Social Media. They’re craving a new Brand + Website Design.

I'd love to chat with you about your business and brand. Let's set up a call to discuss how Package 1 can work for your business.

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  • $ $ 4,299
    --- for 3 payments ---
  • This package is ideal for the business owner who NEEDS & WANTS an EPIC Brand but is expertly managing their Social Media. They need a Brand, Website and Marketing Plan.

I'd love to chat with you about your business and brand. Let's set up a call to discuss how Package 2 can work for your business.

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  • $ $ 5,199
    --- for 3 payments ---
  • This package is for the client who to take their brand into the stratosphere. They can’t wait to get started on their 4-Step EPIC 90-Day Success Program.

I'd love to chat with you about your business and brand. Let's set up a call to discuss how Package 3 can work for your business.

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Kim Wallace Creative Director Oliver Spence Creative
Kim Wallace

Co-Founder + Creative Director

Kim has garnered praise from clients all over North America for her hands-on approach, brand strategies and design solutions. She has worked for clients ranging from retail to interior design, to health care, to the hotel and hospitality industry. Kim’s ability to understand the needs of her clients and their audiences, along with her creative, results-driven brand strategies, make her an industry standout.


Kim graduated from the UBC Digital Design Program in 2000. Since then she has gone on to found a number of companies in the digital design world starting with Brilliant Bride, her first foray into website software development. The software was designed for the Wedding Industry and included a website template system and online magazine. At her second digital design agency, BBcommunications, she designed a CMS website software developed for business websites.  She has since gone on to found Oliver & Spence Creative Agency where she still plays in the online world of brand and website design, specifically for creative business owners. 


Reach out to Kim |  |   403-474-5149
Jay Wallace Interactive Director Oliver Spence Creative
Jay Wallace

Co-Founder + Director of Interactive Operations

Jay has been in the software development industry for over 17 years, after graduating from the University of Calgary with a BSc.Computer Science. Jay’s keen sense of logic and intuitive analysis helps bring a pragmatic approach to the interactive world of design and brand development. Along with Jay’s busy days running a creative agency, he is also a coach, mentor, and Lecturer of Business Analysis and Agile Methodologies.


Jay began his career as a software developer and moved into a software design and business analysis.  Jay is a Computer Programmer, Award Winning Software Designer, Business Analyst, Agile Methodologist, Curriculum Designer and Writer for SAIT Polytechnic,  Lecturer specializing in the areas of Business Analysis and Agile Methodology. 


Clients appreciate Jay’s calm, methodical approach to their project’s timelines, development and management.  Jay’s sound management skills bring the Oliver & Spence projects in on time and on budget.


Touch Base with Jay  |  |   403-474-5149
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